Q1.How soon do you ship after I buy online?

Usually, our products ship within 5 to 7 days. Your client advisor will communicate with you about shipping details at every step. Please see our shipping page for complete details.


Q2.How to choose my size?

Some of our jerseys are available in different lengths. The length will be adjusted accordingly to fit the fit, if you are between two sizes, the smaller will fit snugly and the larger will be looser.


Q3.Can I make corrections when I find that the delivery information is wrong after I place an order?

Please confirm the order information (commodity content, product size, consignee name, phone number, delivery address, etc.) Carefully before payment, and make payment after the information is correct. If you make a mistake inadvertently, you can contact our client advisor to have her correct your information.


Q4.When you receive the product, the color feels different from the picture.

All product images are officially photographed, but due to the computer, cell phones and other display devices in color, contrast, brightness there will be some differences, you see the picture and the real thing will inevitably be different, you can rest assured that the purchase.


Q5.How can I make changes to my account details?

To make changes to your account, first, log in to your account. There you will have the option to modify your account details. Once you have updated your data, please ensure that you save your changes.